Monday, 21 January 2013

Why Weight Loss Plans Don’t Work…And What You can do About it

It appears these days that practically everyone is struggling to lose weight for medical reasons, professional reasons or to remain fit. You have your own reasons, I am sure. And you may think that a well thought out weight loss plan will help. But the question is do weight loss plans really work?

No Dearth of Weight Loss Plans

There are tons of weight loss plans out there. Two most popular ones are the South Beach diet and the Atkins diet. Both work on the principle of restricting the body’s carbohydrate intake to force the body into breaking down stored fats for weight loss. 
The South Beach diet is highly restrictive and forbids fruits and vegetables, which can cause electrolyte imbalance in the body. The Atkins diet is extremely high in fats, and though there may be weight loss due to increased fat metabolism, the high fat component can enhance cholesterol levels and bring on cardiac risks.


The Ideal Weight Loss Plan

The ideal weight loss plan is not one that helps you lose weight, (surprised? on), but one that helps you lose weight without harming your body

The ideal weight loss plan is something that you can stick to easily. With highly restrictive diets (like the two above), the breaking point comes too soon and too often, defeating the very purpose of the weight loss plan.And I can’t help thinking that the popular weight loss pill Proactol is almost an ideal weight loss plan.

What is Proactol

Proactol is a clinically proven and completely natural weight loss supplement. Composed of natural prickly pear cactus extract, Proactol is completely side effect free. The product has undergone extensive clinical trials that prove its efficacy beyond doubt and it is endorsed by medical practitioners.

Proactol IS your alternative to weight loss plans that don’t work, because Proactol works.


How Does Proactol Work

The active ingredients in Proactol bind with your dietary fats and form a fluid gel, from which the fats cannot be absorbed into your system. This gel then passes out of the body via bowel movements. Have you understood the significance of what you just read? Proactol actually reduces the fat intake from your diet. (Clinical studies have shown that 27.4% of dietary fats are blocked.) Isn’t that just great?

But there is More to Proactol

Proactol also works as a potent appetite suppressant, by binding with digested food in your stomach to form a viscous gel that takes longer to be broken down further. So you experience a feeling of fullness that reduces your appetite.

Proactol is a 2-in-Weight Loss Plan

Thus Proactol not only reduces fat absorption into the body, but also reduces your food intake, resulting in effective weight loss.
The Proactol weight loss plan is very simple, only requiring you to take 2-3 pills after each meal.
You need not restrict any form of foods, but make sure that you follow a balanced healthy diet.
And the best part is that an occasional indulgence (after all we are humans and prone to temptation) will not seriously hamper your weight loss goals with the Proactol weight loss plan.

Get on the Proactol weight loss plan today by buying Proactol online and move closer towards the body of your dreams. It can happen with Proactol.